Release date: Last week of August! :) Hopefully.



TRINA is the daughter of the Senior Pastor of our church, His Life Ministries. At one very random moment, she handed over a scribble to our friend, Guia, who is her playmate. The scribble says, "TRINAISASTAR", and of course, that gave Guia a hard time figuring out what it says. So there you go. :]

Explanation: Trina is a star. She can shine like a star in the heavens. How? Because she has JESUS in her. Everyone can shine like Trina, even YOU, if you receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. We could never shine on our own, but we could with Jesus. So, do you wanna be a star? Shine with Jesus. :]




Hey There. Our Band changed to Trinaisastar due to the addition of one member. :3 
Yna Maquiling is her name. She used to live in Bacolod City, Philippines and but left for California the summer of 2010. How sad. But yeah, before she left, hmmm.. three days before her flight to Manila, we recorded a 4 track album at her house. And yeah, it was fun and it was like a two-day farewell party.

This album is always dedicated to Jesus Christ. Yeah, most of the tracks are not "Christian songs" but we are Christians. Better yet, we are Christ-followers

We decided to record these songs because.. well, who hates them? they're good as diamonds. lol.

I hope you'll like Trinaisastar. More tracks to come and more albums to come. Jesus, FTW! 

Question: How can we record songs if Yna is in California? 
Answer: It is an online band. :3 We record the instruments and samples here in the Philippines, and we send it to her, via email (thank God for technology!!), she records the vocal track then sends the files back to me, we mix & master the tracks, then there you go. Another track, and so on.. and another Album.. WHOOAH!

ALL GLORY TO GOD.. Who made this all possible. God bless everyone. TEEECEEE!! :3

john 3:30